Tour Spain - Spain is Part of You Graphic Campaign

  • Cayetana Mate
We are very proud to be able to present you with the graphic campaign for TourSpain “Spain is Part of You” that accompanies the 4 spot audiovisual campaign created by Ogilvy & Mather and Aproductions.
A total of 30 photos were produced along with various adaptations and cinemagraphs shot by Pep Ávila.
Jorge Puente also collaborated in the campaign where over 200 models from all over the globe were photographed around Spain.
A total of 25 cities were visited and 40 different locations were selected to accomplish the final art for this project. It took a team of over 40 professionals working during a 6 month period in the rain, snow and heat. Photos were taken on snowmobiles and from helicopters to give the feel of being a tourist adventuring through Spain.
This campaign takes the viewer on an appealing journey where Spain slowly grows on them to become a part of them that they cannot live without. The creative pieces focus on gastronomy, art and culture, urban tourism, relaxing on the coast, rural destinations, tourism itineraries, shopping, business tourism, sport and nature, nautical tourism, golf, large events, and for the first time, a destination for halal tourism.


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