Trans Youth of North Carolina: Rookie Magazine

  • Hunter Schafer
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Garments and Words by Hunter Schafer.

“We want to feel safe, and to be safe, and to feel like we’re listened to and respected.”

Recent legislation in North Carolina has been particularly detrimental to youth of the LGBTQ community, communities of color, and lower-income households. With transphobia still prevalent in the North Carolina GOP, this project intends to bring young transgender faces and voices to the communities that North Carolina’s bigotry has affected.
“I see more people retaliating and feeling like they have the rights to say things that normally wouldn’t be acceptable because of the [transphobic legislation] that has been passed.” —Miguel
“Trans people have always existed. It’s in our ancestry. Nothing about you has to be ‘inherent’ or marked or known to be real. There’s nothing deceptive about you. Other people’s assumptions reflect everything they’ve been taught…People shouldn’t pretend like they know who you are just because they know what you look like. Treat yourself like you would treat a friend.” —Babette
Miguel, Babette, and Asher for being the faces and voices of this campaign. Dr. Martens footwear worn throughout; garments by Hunter Schafer.

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