• Hamed Maiye
  • Nwaka Okparaeke
Transmission/Transition explores the feeling of displacement in the diaspora through a ‘Gen Z’ lens. This collaborative visual series uses an Afro-Portraitism approach of self representation and the 
appropriation of western portraiture. 
The series imagines the arrival of the diaspora in the same light Christopher Columbus was portrayed in his arrival to the Americas. The visual direction takes form in a stylised and hyper opulent manner. Inspired by Isaac Julien’s Western Union series, this project focuses on ‘self’ and explores the internal dialogues of feeling displaced and how to reconcile this feeling.
Creative Direction
Hamed Maiye
Nwaka Okparaeke
Kobby Adi (Curtains)
Freya Bramble Carter (Ceramics)
Haast Kulture
Music (soundtrack scoring)
Fashion Design
Bianca Saunders
Jawara Alleyne
Robert Jesse
Art Direction/Set Design
Hamed Maiye
Nwaka Okaparake
Kashmir Wickham
Jawara Alleyne
Make up/Grooming
Afrolion (Kayla)
Production Assistant
Cheyanne Ettiene-Chen