Trash Talk!

'Trash Talk!' is a campaign developed for a proposed conservation charity, 'Save Our Oceans'.

The campaign consists of four poster designs, a suggested design style for a magazine and a design for an eco friendly reusable shopping bag. The intention of 'Trash Talk!' is to highlight the ever-growing problem of plastic waste in our oceans. The posters would encourage the audience to visit the 'Save Our Oceans' website where they could then purchase one of the bags.
These bags highlight a shocking fact at what plastic bags can do once they reach our oceans. Just one plastic bag can kill up to 100 dolphins as sadly the dolphins attempt to ingest the plastic believing them to be jellyfish. What many people don't realise is that plastic is nearly indestructible so the dolphin will die from ingesting the plastic long before the bag will break down. The dolphins carcass will then decompose releasing the plastic bag to claim another victim. This vicious cycle can occur more then 100 times before the bag is small enough to be ingested by other marine life such as fish. This causes a wealth of other problems as is discussed throughout the rest of the campaign.
The intention would be that the purchased bag would be sent to the buyer (with all proceeds going towards aiding 'Save Our Oceans' efforts to clean up the ocean) The bag would save the ocean from plastic waste, but would also be an advert and fashion item that portrayed that the consumer cared about the environment. It would come with a magazine that would provide the consumer with all of the latest information on the oceans plastic waste issue with up to date articles and infographics. This magazine would be printed quarterly as the facts and figures based on the oceans plastic waste is ever changing and growing. 
All plastic used within this project was actual washed up plastic collected from beaches. This was disposed of in an environmentally friendly way once it had been photographed for the campaign.

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Ellie Humphreys

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