TYING UP LOOSE ENDS: Let's rethink our cities!

  • Ester Rovira Carbonell
  • Iris Humm

Tying up loose ends is an installation space which aims to encourage families to connect with fundamental ideas, such as empathy, diversity, memory and housing in relation to the idea of rethinking cities.

The conceptual basis of Tying up loose ends builds upon the etymology of pensare (latin - to think) a derivative of pendare (to weigh). We thus address thought as the process of weighing ideas as resting upon a measuring scale in balance–tilting, giving weight and shaping our collective reasoning.

We want to convert the opinions of citizens into material actions by preparing a space in which they are challenged to value their individual beliefs in relation to those of collective thought. An agora that begins with concepts, ideas and words that culminate into an experience where answers are made visible through the minds of both its small and big inhabitants.

Organise Ajuntament de Barcelona Biennal del Pensament CCCB
Idea and project © DadàBarcelona Ester Rovira Carbonell
Dadà Team Georgina Oliva Iris Humm
Júlia Rossinyol
Ilustrations © Tiphaine de Rougé

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