U.K. Black & Ethnic Minority Food & Still Life Photography Crew

  • Louise Hagger

This list is intended as a resource for commissioning and hiring for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic U.K. based food and still life photography teams, to promote inclusivity and a more equitable industry. I started this as a UK based list because this is where I'm based and the specialism I work in, but I'm happy to see that #BAME crews are also adding their details and helping it grow into a global resource. On the list are details of BAME Food & Still life Photographers, Food Stylists, Prop Stylists, Set Designers, Art Directors & Creative Directors, Retouchers and Assistants, that everyone in the industry can use to make sure our crews are diverse and that we are giving opportunities to all. ⁠ ⁠ The list is small - which is a reflection of the disparity around inclusive photo commissioning in the area that I work in - but the list is growing! We started it to build a resource for inclusivity and diversity on set and when commissioning. There needs to be more opportunities throughout our industry for BAME artists to be hired and have their work published, for their voices to be heard and their ideas and talent seen. We also want to build a supportive community, particularly for assistants who have felt the knock on effects by the loss of work due to Covid, and the skeleton teams of limited bodies on set to maintain safe distancing. Safety is paramount but we also need to check in and ask how can we help? By promoting, hiring, mentoring, stepping aside if we know someone else from an underrepresented background would be better suited to a project - we can all do more to help. As Hat @lucidrep said - There has been a lot of the work done across our community over the last couple of weeks. About BLM, about widening our own resources and points of reference and making sure that we open up opportunities to BAME photographers, especially as the photography world has always been heavily weighted towards white men. ⁠