UALxGoldsmiths Collective at Protein Studios

  • Elaine Xu

I Give You An Onion 3 June, 6-9pm Protein Studios Taking inspiration from Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘Valentine’, I Give You An Onion is an exploration of the ways in which food can and has come to signify various aspects of our lives. Where the food object itself can undertake several layers of meanings, through which we uncover the complexities of our society whether culturally, socially or politically. Like Duffy’s ‘onion’, this exhibition is an extrication, peeling away all truths, illusions and temptations alike. Yet, consumption in present day also urges us to reflect on the waste we constantly generate, alongside the digital excess we’ve consequently amassed with our insatiable appetites online. If we are truly what we eat, what does our consumption habits today speak about our individual and collective selves? How can the edible broach taboos, challenge convention and question our present? I Give You An Onion marks the launch of an ongoing collaboration between Goldsmiths Visual Cultures Society and The Curation Society at University of the Arts London (UAL). The newly formed collective aims to initiate and continue an exchange of ideas and dialogue between the two universities’ where collaborative outcomes can take any form such as an exhibition, conference, symposium, residency, talk or festival etc. The collective seeks to encourage greater interaction across the universities and creative disciplines, open up new conversations in art and inspire innovation and collaborative, experimental projects. The collective has the following aims: - Encourage greater interaction between Goldsmiths and UAL - Create opportunities for sharing and exchange of ideas and work - Connect students with relevant industry people and expertise - Support collaborative projects and innovation in artistic endeavours of students


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