I am not one for the self-serving platitudes. Below is an Uber advertising campaign I came up with recently. I hope that that this will give you an idea of the creative potential I would have as your employee.
Aims of advertisement:
- Show Uber is the constant you can rely on whatever the weather. The term ‘Weather’ is used in a literal and a metaphorical sense;
- Highlight our confidence in our product (an Uber driver is seen also needing/booking an Uber at the end of advert);
- Impress the fact that Uber is a concept of a modernising world grounded in people.
The 2 to 3 minute advert will follow the day in the life of an Uber driver at work from dawn till dusk. The central message of the advert will be punctuated by the music score playing throughout the video: ‘Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain’ by Ladysmith Black Mambazo (South African Acapella group/Warner Music Group).
During the advert, our Uber driver picks up a man suited in business attire from the airport who looks like he is returning home for Christmas and is clearly glad to be back. It is raining outside but that is not dampening this man’s spirits.
Next to be picked up at a particularly sunny point in the day, is a couple that look like they are lost in the city. Not only are they lost, it also looks like they have had a heated moment judging by the silence and cold shoulders when they jump into the Uber. While they are in the Uber, you see their moods change from being ‘mad’ at each other to trying not to smile and laugh about it.
After the couple, our Uber driver picks up an elderly man from a farmyard location. He is holding flowers in his right hand. He goes into the left side of the Uber. During the journey he looks wistfully at the empty right side of the car. He looks like he is remembering someone. He takes a pause, looks at the flowers in his hand, kisses them and places them on the empty seat next to him.
The next scene is a father looking at an Uber App showing a location of an Uber car. The Uber car is outside a cinema where two teenagers are staring into each other’s eyes. They then proceed to share what looks like a brief first kiss, before shyly saying goodbye. One of them comes into the Uber of the driver we are following throughout the advert; the other teenager also then proceeds to head into a different Uber.
In the final scene, it is night-time. Our Uber driver is seen leaving their house in evening party wear, holding a bottle of wine and flowers they head into an Uber as a passenger. Our Uber driver sat in the back seat is jovial and seems excited about where they are headed. It is at this point the advert ends.
Music score: ‘LadySmith Black Mambazo’
‘Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain’ is available on iTunes , Apple Music, and Spotify under the label warner Music Group – x5 Music Group.
Below is a YouTube link to a live performance:
It was upon listening to this track that I thought of the concept for this advertising campaign I am proposing to your offices. The beautiful haunting nature and message of the track, I believe, will make the advert memorable. The fact that it is an Acapella track will help the advert to standout in a crowded advertising climate where the vast majority of adverts will have accompanying high production instrumentals. This advert will feel like reprieve from all the noise.
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Team Credits

Heston-Oheidi Murtagh

  • Music Agent

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