• Andreea Nan

During my time as a Marketing Coordinator at Uber in Doha, Qatar I was responsible for both online and on-the-ground campaigns. The immediate objective we were working towards was to increase the awareness of Uber's culture which stretches beyond its functionality. Uber gets involved in local communities and is a valuable partner in society. We did this by running the first series of local campaigns. The first-ever campaign that utilized the cars for a marketing stunt was #UberGameDay. UberGameDay was a stunt that celebrated the World Cup in 2018 and celebrated football fans. We sent out 100 boxes with branded football gear and included 10 'easter eggs' boxes which contained the official World Cup football ball. Each box also contained burger meals from a successful local burger brand which required optimal collaboration between Uber drivers and restaurant staff on the day. To encourage the spread of the campaign on social media we simultaneously ran an Instagram photo share & giveaway campaign. The giveaway was a month worth of free Uber trips. I managed the planning, operation, and roll-out of the campaign including the successful partnership between Uber and the local partners, and media content creation alongside a local advertising agency. More details: https://www.uber.com/en-QA/blog/doha/gameday-2/