UK- correspodance Swiss Ladies Drive

  • Jasmin Brunner

Ladies Drive is a Swiss-based Magazine in German about empowering women in following their paths in life, entrepreneurship and business. We sourced the entrepreneurial women living in the UK, conducted interviews and photoshoots. All interviews were held in English, then translated and edited into German. Rogues Agency Founder Jasmin asked questions that she thought were compelling for female readers, juggling running a business with daily life, focusing on pointing out the strength in female leadership, and questions of personal interest. After running her own very successful business for over two years, she was interested in this collaboration out of personal interest also. Jasmin: "What I like about Ladies' Drive is that the interviews are honest portraits of women, talking about the personal ups and downs of running a business and juggling family for example, without marketing blurb and glorification." One of our subjects, Irra K, founder of cybersecurity blockchain technology firm V-Chain is now a regular speaker at Leading Ladies events organised by the Magazine