UK's leading eye research charity

  • Rose Kapanadze

Fight for Sight is the UK’s leading eye research charity. They specialise in raising funds to support research projects in an effort to stop sight loss and treat eye disease. Draw has been working with Fight for a few years, delivering a number of successful campaigns. Back in 2015 we launched their new website; and in 2016 we published a series of banners on The Guardian.

Look me in the eye

Look me in the eye is the charity’s first integrated brand and fundraising campaign. It features stories from seven of their amazing supporters who live with sight loss. Many of the stories reveal a frustration with the lack of investment in eye disease research as well as a desire for treatment. The campaign highlights the fact that Fight for Sight are able to fulfil only one in eight of the eye research project proposals they receive.
Fight For Sight launched their campaign across a variety TV channels including ITV and Sky, and supported it with digital activity on Facebook, YouTube and through pay-per-click advertising.
They came to us with the challenge of finding the way to support the campaign with their own website. In addition to integrating the supporters’ stories into the website, they wanted to be able to monitor which of the stories was performing most effectively in terms of raising online donations.

Join the fight for sight

The campaign was divided into two separate live phases. The first was live for two weeks (6th of November - 19th November); the second ran for three weeks (20th November - 11th December). The A/B testing campaign has been active on the site throughout the whole period.
Google Analytics allows us to see that the campaign has generated almost 5000 page views (almost 35% of the total site traffic) across the seven individual campaigns.