Ukiyo - (Graduate Collection Proposals, 2020)

  • Stevie Adams

‘Ukiyo’ is inspired by the mindful practice in every day Japanese life by looking at the juxtaposition of social interaction and the rumination of personal space found within the Japanese tea ceremony and the sharing of sake among friends. By studying colour theory and colour psychology I found purple to hold the properties of both warm and cool colours, acting as a bridge between juxtaposed emotions; by adding some red pigment to the purples I could enhance emotions and feelings that would naturally occur with pinks, yellows and oranges; harnessing and evoking feelings of energy, positivity and warmth. Yet, by adding blue hues to the purples I could also pull in that essence of tranquillity and relaxation normally occurring when around cooler colours. The marbling technique was another way to use colour to lure in the observer; I aimed to create fluidity and a feeling of transition keeping the viewer stimulated and focused on the present moment, mindful of what they are thinking, observing and interacting with. I focused on tactility through texture and size with large tea bowls held in both hands, brushed textural silver surfaces, flowing rims and the weighty, gripped surface of jesmonite in the hands. Through these means I aimed to captivate the user/viewer by evoking their senses; stimulating sight, touch and emotion. I aimed to create a sensory space where those viewing and interacting with the silverware could be mindful not only of themselves and their thoughts, but of their exchange with the object they are interacting with and those around them interconnecting with the objects on the table as well. The Japanese word Ukiyo literally translates to ‘the floating world’ and means ‘detached from the bothers of life’. Stevie aims to create an escape from everyday life and sensory experience for the user by creating captivating patterns and colour through the use of Jesmonite and traditional textural surfaces in silver with an interactive, palpable collection.