Ukiyo Jewellery Collection

  • Stevie Adams

A combination of organic shapes formed in sterling silver and colourful, marbled jesmonite. This collection was inspired by my travels through Japan; a mix of traditional and modern culture. Lost within the colourful kimono forests and stimulating digital art museums then being transported into a mindful and spiritual space through nature and shrines. I wanted to capture the vibrancy and exciting energy found in modern Japanese culture through the use of colour whilst combining this with organic shapes and simple design. I wanted to add a hint of wabi-sabi, the Japanese term for appreciating and celebrating the beauty within imperfection and through transition of time; I used jesmonite which can give varying finished results, not always perfect, yet still beautiful and colourful, marbled patterns to create the sensation of flow and transition, nothing is still nor stagnant. Everything is constantly in motion. This collection brings together a playfulness, yet a mindful encounter.

Collection pieces, followed by photographs, videos and drawings from my inspiration.