Ultraman UK - C4S Teaser 2021

Ultra: prefix from Latin meaning "carrying to the furthest degree possible" this year we'll be taking part in Ultraman UK and we'll be covering it Cycling4soup style. this time we are offering a fresh perspective and will be sharing content leading up to the event, from prep, training and BTS of what will go in to the in depth documentary all about the race itself. What's UMUK? glad you asked! UMUK takes place in the heart of Snowdonia and is considered one of the toughest ultra-distance staged triathlon in the world due to its +21,500 of ascent. UMUK consists of 515 KM in total broken down into the following: -Day 01: 10km (6.2 miles) swim followed by a 145km (90 mile) bike -Day 02: 276 km (172.5 miles)bike -Day 03: 84km (52.5 miles)double marathon run. This is a bold and exciting new step for us, in not only taking part in the race but also the opportunity to document and share the experience with so many other amazing endurance athletes.

Shout out to Fernando Marmolejo for supporting with some extra cool footage.

Filmed: Craig Bilham
Michael Drummond
Fernando Marmolejo

Cut: Craig Bilham