UN Orange Label: Fashion Says No to Violence Against Women

  • Samuel Rangasamy
The Orange Label Project, run and supported by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women, and London College of Fashion, UAL, is an annual project to engage and connect the issue of violence against women with new audiences, particularly young people, through a series of creative activities. The project began in 2016 and in 2017 the UN Trust Fund awarded London College of Fashion its inaugural Orange Heart award for this work. This project sits under the College's Better Lives agenda, aiming to use fashion to drive change.

Fashion Says NO to Violence Against Women called on fashion image maker students from LCF to produce image or film incorporating the project colour orange.
2017 Brief
The most common perception of fashion imagery is that it should be something that sells fashion or seduces the viewer. Fashion images can however achieve other more political objectives. They can raise awareness of important social concerns, empower the viewer, make them see the world or themselves differently, and ultimately even affect social change.  
Students participating in the 2017 Orange Label project were asked to work independently or in groups to develop a strong visual concept that responds to the brief: Say No to Violence Against Women or Girls. They worked over a six week project to generate an exciting and provocative range of outputs including the colour ORANGE, a colour of hope and optimism, that has become the United Nations symbol of this campaign.  Work will be developed/negotiated with supporting tutors and by guest lecturers including Kathryn Ferguson, Selfridges In House Film Maker and LCF Researcher, and Creative Director Yvonne Gold. Entrants can take a range of forms including photography/illustration/moving image or film/performance/digital output.