Under Newborn Stars

  • Tal Janes

Under Newborn Stars tells the story of photographer Maja Blumenfeld - From her upbringing in Berlin to her escaping Nazi Germany and resettling in New Zealand. The film provides insight into her journey, her view on photography and the importance of objects connected to people and significant moments in her life. The film was shot in September 2020 at Maja’s home in North London and Kasia Wozniak’s photography studio in South London. It was created by Hedvig Ahlberg and Roshannah Bagley, and supported by Something™’s Pioneers initiative. Director / Editor: Hedvig Ahlberg Producer / Creative: Roshannah Bagley Photographer / Production Assistant: Beth Carpenter Art Director: Tom Haswell Portrait Photographer: Kasia Wozniak Composer / Musician: Tal Janes Supporting Musician: Joseph Costi