Uneasiness III the final

Here we are all 'last breath of uneasiness, dedicated and addressed to the subject, which in this case Massimo Maccari associated with the land, what makes us live .. walk ... to what is left natural to what changes in what becomes, in what dust granular material can become hard and tough, dry and cold but also budding hot, able to live within it yet another universe ... a different system.
Completing the Trilogy "uneasiness" trilogy inconvenience, related to the structure of the law of Talesio triptych, where TELESIO expressed the concept:

Hot - Cold - Matter

After then he started with a HOT suffocating, unbearable and intolerable, in an enclosed space from sources calorifere a set to the underworld of the mind with an overcast ceiling of ampoules filled with water, and pendants dripping steam over the heads of spectators in a manner which disagiante overheated and almost boiling, saw the works of walking on wooden pallets with the steam pouring out from under the cracks of the wood, precarious and dangerous unbearable, so to kick away the spectator from the hall, but it was so much revulsion as the viewer was curious to see the works and the performance to make him stay and suffer in limbo-sauna, then facing this hardship, the performance echoed a naked body lying on the ground covered with a layer of wet hemp, button intermittently, simulating arched respirators symbolizing the suffering, the weakness venting, heat deafening, but a light breath to the music of the musicians around performer, kept the rhythm of his heart just like a machine that keeps the heartbeat and that instead of stopping is always stronger ... ... and accelerates as the engine.

Then through a low temperature .. glacial within a storm and ice storm so cold to snow on the public, a COLD part of the body from the outside and then get inside freezing thoughts, stopping them immobilizing them to examine, to understand them and treat them then swallowing them, an ice age that cools everything down to freeze the heart, but not the feelings and dreams, represented by the works on display, the air in the room clean clear cold white with a large screen projection behind the musical set , shoveling snow from the veins with an air of romance, electronic hot pressing, enunciating every move of the performers who performed the happening in a kind automaton. The viewer while not enduring the wind that blew away everything that cold since the fan blades was intent on seeing the representation of the performance and the involvement of music with projections, most was cold and more the public was trying to cover up, until eventually down a thick snow over their heads, and the ice melts to make room for romance and all'oniricita, a magical moment where the cold does not feel more, a moment of intimate gathering where everyone inside if he can find his spazio..il its heat.

And 'time of renewal, of change, of transformation is time to recreate and mix everything in the brain is stopped, that has fermented in this period of stagnation, destroy to transform to recreate, as you do with the Earth that raises mixes you hoe to be able to redo and fertile sow.
So our mind our body to make it fertile contamination cultural and social.
This time we are in a wilderness where there is neither hot nor cold, but a moment immoblile, the act before the storm, the meterorite, the spark from where the change starts.
The works of this time are projections, which project the visual transformations, mutations, changes in natural human, land splits ... ... .ceramica .giapponese drinking tea and drop blood from the mouth etc ....
At center stage is a white tank top with a metal pipe, from which drips hot water in the tank already full, he enters a woman on one side and a man from 'the other, you have an outfit reminiscent of the nineteenth-century clothes with iron structure and bustier, skirt with lace at neck, completely covered with bags, new, tea stitched on all dress thus forming a kind of pompous dome with a train, instead he is naked with only a ruff, both meet center stage and he helped her to enter into the tank very slowly, the seats, and he begins to pay him with a bowl of water on the face ... .water hot soaks dress that slowly turns, from beautiful White pompous like in a fairy tale, it becomes dark purplish brown, changing shape and line of the dress, the woman gets up out of the tub and turned you go to place on a round white ground and allowed to drip the tea falling from thousand bags that make the dress,


a tree made only of dry branches painted completely white, set on the ground and with a bit of black mold around in a circle shape.
Start hanging from the branches of dried used tea bags, sachets inside there are metal letters, the bags are hung scattered among the branches.
Under the tree on round black earth, we will be positioned all cups white as you wish just corresponding to tea bags, as they were picking up the tea that falls from the dry-bags, which do not drip tea but rather letters, then the thoughts that ... we find inside each cup, then we will find inside cups of letters falls that form a cup in each word of a desire. They represent all the wishes of the people heard, used,
Beside the tree there will be a bucket full of tea bags do not use new, the viewer can take a bag and tie it to a branch as a representation of a desire to transform or create dark and dry just like those made ... ..

A slender girl without shoes, dressed as a costume- sculpture, a dress made of metal core, style 800 with very wide skirt and a bodice taut Elizabethan collar very high, the metal core completely covered with tea bags sewn on top the other that all together form the dress of pure white pompous performer, with a long train, she moves slowly in front of the spectators, is positioned next to a tub full of hot water coming out of a metal pipe from above, from the the left side comes along a man with mask goat that is positioned parallel to the floor and she helps to get into the tub, immersing and spraying the head with a vase, always very slowly as if it was in slow motion, a video resume face she goes under water, hands that touch your body, and the water that gradually becomes tinged with brown, the tea bags release in contact with hot water.
After eight minutes of washing the girl, assisted by the boy with goat's mask, he gets up, comes out of the bath, walks near the tree, we notice the change and transformation of the costume, then change the subject, because of their shape, because now the costume will have taken the form of the metal, and also on the texture and color.
She is in the middle of the scene the boy to mask goat, take to the floor two hooks and engages them to the bodice of the girl, she walked back pull these hooks that take a very long cloth that comes back to the audience (who if not the originally they remember) pulling the fabric is stretched to create a channel of cloth where the spectators are in and are in direct contact with the performers, they are made of cloth she projections boobies shake more and more, at the end of the fabrics come off fall over people and she curls throughout the fabric remaining a white cocoon on the ground in the middle of the scene. End performance.

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