Universal Music - Queen: On Air


Design and packaging to continue a legacy


Create the design and packaging for a lavish Queen box set of rarely heard BBC radio session recordings. With physical editions still important to Queen fans, the packaging would need to sit proudly amongst previous classics already on fans’ shelves.


With sessions, live tracks and even interviews on some editions, it was clear that this was an aural spectacular. The focus then was to promote sound rather than image. For once, the flamboyant personalities of the members would take a backseat to the sound of Queen, the band. It was a concept that the remaining members of the band and its management fully approved of.


The main image of the collection was the graphic representation of a soundwave/radio wave on a stark white background. This whiteness suggested clarity and fidelity, and of course related strongly to the set’s name, On Air. This design approach was used throughout the design across track listings, editorial, histories, anecdotes and of course images.
With 2-CD, 6-CD and double vinyl editions available, the whole set paid tribute to the work – and specifically sound – of this great British rock institution at the height of its powers.

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