University of Hertfordshire, BA (Hons) Graphic Design & Illustration

  • Alex Clothier
  • Chelsea Visda
  • Chloe Tham
  • Megan Bell
  • Natalia Pyc
  • leo Righetti
  • Rahmel Hewitt-Powell
  • Hayden Shields
  • Florina Gradinaru
  • Aamnah Nehim
  • Nina Johnsen
  • Emily Hearn
As a course, we champion a good idea above all else. We always have and we always will.

Our graduates tend to have a broad range of skills, from conceptual to technical to interpersonal. Most of them can do a bit of everything: illustrators who can develop brand strategy, graphic designers who can animate with the best of 'em, slick digital experiences, clever copy, 360° campaigns, custom type, printmaking, beautiful editorial work and powerful statements demanding change.

In this most difficult of years, they're well worth a shot.
Amber Butler — I Am Amsterdam —
Valerie Emmelee — Goroawase Telephone Book —
Alex Clothier — Circ branding —
Sophie Harrison — The Gods Of The Underworld —
Emily Hearn — Great Literary Classics —
Rahmel Hewitt-Powell — DEHYAH Magazine —
Tom Kelly — branding —
Georgia Kyprianou — Thigh Claps —
Anna-Mcclellan — Honest-Gin —
Vivian Phang — Will You Marry Vivian? —
Diana Powell — Natural History Museum branding —
Hayden Shields — We Don’t Know Either Podcast —
Amy Walters — BRM Shaking Down History —
Christie Emily Wangsahardja — Aunt Flo, Here She Comes! —
Anna Wanstall — Dangerous Creatures —