University of Warwick Hip Hop Society

  • Fawaz Shitta
  • Muscaan Goenka
Hip Hop Society is one of Warwick's many societies, this society is targeted towards those who enjoy Hip Hop music and want a space within a university that doesn't always cater to those with these specific tastes.
I am an executive member of this society. My role within this society is to provide the creative Media and put it out in the form of PR. I do this through the creation of posters and interaction with followers on Twitter and Facebook
The above poster denotes a flyer for the annual Hip Hop Society barbeque. I created a summery poster for this event using Adobe Photoshop.
The above poster denotes a flyer for the Hip Hop Society's fresher's house party. Which aimed to get new first year student members. This was created using Adobe Photoshop.
This poster, created using Adobe Spark, is for a listening party. Two hip hop albums were listened to by members of the society.
This is the staple piece for our recurring event hub sessions. Hub sessions are a space to discuss more pressing issues in Hip Hop such as homophobia and misogyny. These events are hosted every week and this logo has become a huge part of hub sessions. I created this on Photoshop.
This poster was created to inform our members of our social media presence. These pages are also monitored by me. On there you can find pictures and videos from previous events, edited and shot by me.


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