University's Equestrian and Polo Club Wins 3 Awards at Tournament

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The University of Essex brought home 3 Equestrian and Polo Club awards in a charity tournament.

On the 30th of November at the Moor Hall Farm (MHF) Polo Club and Polo School, the University of Essex Equestrian and Polo Club competed in the Polo Christmas tournament organised by the University of Kent and brought home 3 awards.
Our competitors were teams from the East India Club, University of Kent, University of East Anglia, Reading University and an independent club.
Team ‘Mr and Mrs President’ with players William Galvin and Maria Zay, won first place in the novice category with a smashing victory of 8-0 in the first chukka and 4-0 in the second chukka.
Galvin’s incredible play also won him best overall novice player.
In the end, the University of Essex Equestrian and Polo Club won best overall club with 7 wins out of 10 chukkas.
Novice team ‘Devils on Horseback’ have also done a great job scoring 3-1 in their first chukka and 1-0 in the second.
Our beginner teams were equally incredible. Team ‘Stirrup Trouble’ may have lost their first chukka, 0-1, but made a comeback scoring 2-1. Same goes for team ‘Snow Sleighers’ who lost 1-2 then tied at 1-1 in the second chukka.
This has been a huge improvement from last year’s tournaments where only one team competed and went home with no wins.
“I am very pleased with the increased interest, enthusiasm and dedication of our new members and I am so proud of the achievements we have seen from our first tournament this academic year! I am very excited to see what we can achieve in the Winter and Summer School and Universities Polo Association (SUPA) nationals,” said President Maria Zay.
The Equestrian and Polo Club also raised £32 for the Chigwell Riding Trust selling cookies, bracelets and Christmas cards and decorations during the Christmas Market on campus on the 29th.
The Polo teams will be training hard in preparation for the Winter nationals in February and will be campaigning to raise money. To find out more and support, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
Published on Rebel Essex, 7/12/19

All photographs were taken by me.

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