Unlock the potential of immersive technology

ACE IT (Accelerating the Creative Economy Through Immersive Technologies) is a fully-funded initiative which supports London-based start-ups and SMEs to conceptualise, research and develop innovative products and services. Working closely with an expert team, you'll develop your own pathway to build key skills and ground-breaking products while future-proofing your business through immersive technology. This project is a partnership between London South Bank University and London College of Communication, UAL. It is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Understanding Immersive Immersive tech (XR) isn't just about putting on a VR headset and stepping in to computer generated worlds. Most of us use immersive tech products already in some form or another. Ever used Google Maps StreetView, Pokemon Go or a filter on Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram? Immersive technology is about bringing you closer to your audience and forming richer relationships. Our Stage 1 support is focussed on helping traditional businesses understand the world of immersive tech and providing simple changes to their offer. Read our A-Z of Immersive Tech - a breakdown of all the terminology and a guide to the different immersive options available.