• Irene Albino

Creative Unions and London Design Festival Knitted artwork + performance 68 cm x 25 m Lambswool, laptop, screen In collaboration with Ellen Jonsson http://projectunravel.com Performative design for Creative Unions exhibition and London Design Festival, 2018 “Myths are clues to the spiritual potentialities of human life.” - Joseph Campbell Unravel, Issue 2: Histories or Tales of Future Times is a performance of the making of a knitted manifesto, a fairy tale which unravels ideas and preconceptions of binarisms: craft and design, analog and digital, female and male, zeros and ones. Folk tales and folk art (craft) are both parts of an inseparable interwoven net. They contain the spirit of the collective unconscious. For this second iteration of Unravel, we went back to the origins of storytelling: the creation of myths, the creation of stereotypes. Each day for the duration of the performance (7 days) we knitted one chapter of this tale, each told from the perspective of a different narrator.

The written piece is inspired by Boccaccio’s Decameron frame narrative style- a literary technique of a story within a story. In Decameron, ten characters / narrators shelter in a secluded villa outside Florence to escape the Great Plague and each one tells a story every night.
The texts are again a very carefully edited collection of references, a multiplicity of voices that appear as a single narrator’s tale.
This multiple that becomes one and multiple again, want to symbolize the fluidity of the given narrative and its related content.
The performance of the live knitting took place during the London Design Festival 2018, as part of the Creative Unions exhibition at the Lethaby Gallery at Central Saint Martins.

All the chapters’ capital letters have been designed filled with a pattern. What one sees is in reality the bitmap translated text of a classic fairy tale that we are disagreeeing with and challenging.