UNTITLED a projet agains lables

  • Ana Filipa Ferreira

Untitled, a collaboration that aims to overcome labels in order to be part of the progress of our society. During the 50s and 60s, Rudi designed for a future, a future of flying cars and trips to other planets. Yet, his present was about protests, the ambition to choke people with no-gender clothing where nudity was handled without taboo. Today, Aleksandra does the same thing, she uses her photography to make people feel different sensations while taking into consideration many topics. Creating particular and dreamlike scenarios to address various matters with color blocking, patterns, make-up, and a lot of decoration. In line with this activist wave that, still, is very much alive, the fights are the same. Gender equality, Basic human rights like education, health, and so forth. The Future Rudi Gerneich wished for, is no longer, the future we hope. Our Future is equality, sustainability, knowledge, and culture.

Cultivate yourself with art and knowledge
Do not lose your culture!
Say NO to gender rules, Say YES to gender equality!
Emerge yourself with nature!
These are the ingrediates for a brighter future!