Unwrapped: The Principles of Creative Business Success

  • Fru Bekefi
  • Rebecca Spence
  • Nia Mitchell
  • Karin Killander

The million dollar question: How do you futureproof your business? Second Home London Fields has landed and we're celebrating with a week of events, championing social change, creativity and entrepreneurship - London Fields Unwrapped. In this class Celebrity photographer Dan Kennedy looks at how changes in the photography industry spurred him to redesign his approach to being a creative - from finding a mentor, outsourcing administrative tasks, exploring multiple revenue streams to taking a more mindful approach to productivity. Dan Kennedy is a London-based celebrity and fashion photographer regularly commissioned in the UK to shoot for advertising clients, magazines and celebrity agents. His portfolio includes work with Angelia Jolie, Keira Knightley and Tinie Tempah. His clients also range from the BBC, ITV, SKY, to The Times, The Telegraph, Independent, Observer and Q Magazine. During Unwrapped week, every lunchtime BeBetter comes with a place at our community lunch - hearty, seasonal dishes served by our cafe La Despensa.

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