Urban Grain

  • Vivek Borkhataria

A packaging project to rebrand spent grain (the wasted by product of beer making).

The brief was to rebrand spent grain, which is leftover produce from the process of making beer. The grains are essentially matured and damp grain which is not needed and breweries compile a lot of this to go to waste. Farmers use it for fertilising land and it still holds some benfitial nutrients inside it, however the distance they go to collect this doesn’t always make the trip worth while. Therefore this brewery bi-product needed to be rebranded.
My outcome was ‘Urban Grain’ which would be a inhouse manufacturing kitchen and shop of baked goods of using spent grain. The grain can be used to make flour and therefore a number of avenues open up, they can also be used in compost and are good for growing mushrooms.
Urban grain is a very clean and transparent brand, organic in both tone and a more literal sense of everything being kept in house and fresh, the real sense of authenticty. The name also tries to reach out to the countryside rural lifestlye brought into the urban city in the spahe of urban/rooftop farming.


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