Vans Convent Garden Boutique

  • Jen Ahern
  • Ashley Kirby

We helped revive KK Outlet – the critically acclaimed Shoreditch Gallery and Shop which closed its doors in 2018 – for a three-month residency in the new Vans store in Covent Garden. Over the three months we held 3 exhibitions, 6 workshops and 3 dinner/speaker events. We kicked off with a group show, Everyday Play, which featured the work of 11 multidisciplinary artists including: Daniel Eatock, DR.ME, PUTPUT and Gab Bois. The second exhibition was called Over The Wall where we asked British and European artists to team up and create a new bespoke piece of work. Lastly, we worked with the UK homeless charity Shelter, our favourite collaborators from past and present donated a piece of ‘failed’ artwork. Each piece was then sold and all proceeds donated to charity.