VaporTrap 2

  • Comakid (Francesco Cassino)

Resampled melodics, tape-tinged trap beats and lo-fi processing: Vaportrap 2 is the ultimate collection blurring the lines between Vaporwave, Trap, and Lo-Fi bursting with retro aesthetics and forward thinking inspiration for your next underground hit. Expect to find warm, punchy drum samples, hazy synth lines, sun kissed atmospheres, neon melodics, melted music kits and one-shot samples. Vaportrap 2 offers an assortment of loops, drum hits and one-shots to deliver full-track inspiration, mending a post internet musical sensation for the forward thinking producer. No expense was spared in recreating this unique genre. From running sounds through tape, resampling loops in multiple stages, recording to tape, cassette and samplers, Vaportrap 2 highlights its eccentric sound while firmly holding its foundation within the trap genre. This collection infuses a number of different sub-genres to achieve the signature sound: from synthwave, 80s pop to ambient and cinematic. Vaportrap 2 expands on its unique approach utilizing analogue synths, quality outboard gear, late-night jam sessions and raw renders to offer a choice selection of sounds bursting with endless inspiration.