• Mads Bailey

The last year has been a heavy blow to many already-struggling music venues and without financial support many independent venues are at risk of closure. VAULT aims to collect the memories that people have of these venues, provide something physical for people to remember them, and donate to at-risk venues. VAULT takes the form of a website complete with a shop selling prints and zines, and pop-up shops in venues during the day where people can create their own custom prints.

Illustrated prints of venues which would be available in the VAULT online shop. Each venue was chosen by asking social media users for their first and favourite venues, and the text is sourced from YouTube comments and tweets to emphasise the people-driven nature of the project.
Flyers demonstrating how the pop-up letterpress workshops work. Fans can visit selected venues during the day and create their own custom prints commemorating their favourite memories made at music venues. Prints are then scanned, uploaded to the VAULT website (with the creator’s permission), and posted securely back to the maker.
Prints made with custom VAULT laser-cut letters.
The VAULT website acts as a main hub for the project. Prints created at venues are collected here and can be filtered by year, location, and artist. The website is also home to the online shop, where music lovers can buy prints, zines, and box sets of zines. All profits from the shop go directly to struggling venues.
Similar memories are brought together in VAULT zines - each one cataloguing prints that music fans have made relating to specific artists, bands, or shows.

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