Venus: Pubic Hair & Skin Collection

All about helping women to feel comfortable in their own skin, Gillette Venus are right at the forefront of the personal care world. After discovering that 87% of women experience negative effects when shaving their pubic area, the Pubic Hair & Skin Collection was born, designed with bespoke blade technology and skincare solutions to help prep, protect and maintain as part of an easily tailored regimen. To bring the new Venus collection to the streets, we teamed up with PG One. Constructing creative billboards with trios of show-stopping flower arrangements (planted with real flowers), the campaign was designed to normalise conversations around all things pubic by tying it back to nature, wanting women to feel confident about their lady gardens – whether they're there, growing or gone. With a duo of sites in the heart of East London, the billboards provided the perfect backdrop for Venus’ influencer launch campaign.