Viceland's Weed Week: Bonedance

  • Magnus Atom

For Viceland’s Weed Week, several motion graphics designers were asked to create short weed inspired animations to play between Viceland shows and content.

Bonedance, is inspired in part by Stoned Ape Theory, in which some scientists posit human evolution was drastically spurred on by the ingestion of psilocybin mushrooms over hundreds of thousands of years. Whether true or not, it’s fun to think about when you’re smoking weed.
Hand drawn illustrations of ape skulls being warped, distorted, and ripped apart by psilocybin mushrooms are multiplied, and kaleidoscoped. Behind them, swirling tendrils of color and bones create intricate animated patterns that recede into the darkness. All of it combines to create trip inducing visuals.
The animation is best enjoyed while stoned, late at night, while flipping through your television. Happy Weed Week ya’ll.