• Victoria Pullen

modern mythologies ,,, fanlore ,,, the all consuming haze of nostalgia ,,, finding the personal through communal ,,, transformative identification ,,, enter THE COWBOY ,,, mediator of self vs self vs self. a digital artist's book confronting fantasised identities, modern myth-making, and the importance of music and nightlife as experimental sites to develop and project both individual and communal personas. influenced by the form and function of fanzines, it is intended to be printed as a folded booklet, and features original writing alongside a series of self-portraits, where I have taken on the character/alter ego of THE COWBOY/VERLAINE. this is an ongoing multifaceted concept piece, in which i've also been photographer, model, stylist, director, and DIY seamstress. available to view in full on SHORTLISTED FOR ARTS THREAD & i-D GLOBAL GRADUATE DESIGN SHOW 2020. Vote for this project at