Virgin Holidays

Unleashing the nation's mojo

You. In glorious Technicolor. That’s how it feels when you’re on a Virgin Holiday, when your mojo is well and truly unleashed.Our job is to make everyone feel at least a fraction of that every time they read and receive our comms – whether that’s in the retail space, in the social space or in their inbox.
We were tasked with creating an email for Valentine’s Day, not because there were any special offers, but simply to remind customers how fab Virgin Holidays are and give them some latest prices. So how did we use this email to tickle their mojo? We made the email wolf whistle when they opened it. As well as unleashing the nation’s mojo, we’ve delivered an impressive 25% uplift in year-on-year bookings for our client. We’ve also helped our customers celebrate the same-sex marriage bill in true Virgin style, asking them to nominate a same sex couple to win a fab honeymoon. We were even invited to the wedding.

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