Virgin Holidays- Enjoy your menopause

  • Sibel Shakir
You can’t run away from menopause but you can make it enjoyable.
Virgin understands the real needs of women over 50 and suggests embracing change, enjoying life through breaking stereotypes. It’s time women entering new chapter of their life to enjoy adventure holidays.
This campaign tackles menopause with humour and style.
It presents classic menopause symptoms such as “hot flushes” through a little different perspective. Using a lighthearted and empowering tone, Virgin opens up the conversation and offers an alternative take on the negative perceptions of the menopausal times.
Menopause doesn’t have to be something you face alone. Hot flushes? Night sweats? We’ve got them. Virgin will be with you taking care of everything so the only mission you will have as an older woman on holiday is to
Enjoy your menopause.


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