Virgin Trains Uniform

  • Simon Rutherford

Our uniform for Virgin Trains West Coast and East Coast was rolled out in Autumn 2017 and we received very positive feedback from wearers, customers and the Virgin Trains management... result! It’s a testament to how “close” we got to the Virgin Trains community and to openness in saying how they wanted a uniform that had a nod to the “glamour” of their Virgin Airlines “cousins". The dress is the most popular item, and we thank Virgin Trains for being brave with this. Like our London Underground Uniform, the wearer got a “collection” rather than a uniform in the true sense of the word, and could mix and match. There are 10 combinations for women and 5 for men.

Here is what Virgin Trains had to say about it:
"The uniform has certainly lifted our people who feel proud, once again, to don the VT uniform."