How do we create video series that talk about business and entrepreneurship without being too business-like and corporate?

Virgin needed three fresh and edgy videos featuring UK-based businesses on the occasion of #VOOM 2016. This business competition is the world’s biggest and aim to support Britain’s brightest businesses: fourteen weeks of competition between businesses to get a chance to pitch live to Richard Branson.

We quickly recommended that Virgin steers away from the tropes of the promotion of entrepreneurship, which tend to rely on a ‘feel good’ atmosphere as we didn’t believe this type of case study to fit the brief. Even with great production value and cast, their safe aspect would have made it hard for them to reach beyond the already entrepreneurially-minded circle. We wanted the videos to be optimistic and depict the considerable energy and perseverance they devote fulfilling their dream. We also wanted to be unexpected: brand comms written like a good show. The objective for Virgin was to position the brand as an inspiration/empower, to demystify entrepreneurship and reboot the brand tone of voice for branded online content.

The main objective has been to create a bespoke universe for them and give each video their own identity and tone. A strong collaboration with the companies has been paramount as we had to effectively reflect the spirit of their founders and the way they develop their business on a day-to-day basis. We wanted to portray the businesses’ founders as everyday athletes but with humour and self-depreciation. We were delighted to see that they played ball: each one of them was such a good sport and the shooting took place in a playful and creative atmosphere!

This campaign succeeded in changing the tone of entrepreneurship stories and generated very positive reactions online.