Virtual Reality Cricket

Happy Finish has just completed a first in interactive VR gaming!

Ever wondered what it’s like to receive a googly from a professional bowler?
Happy Finish’s Cricket VR places you, the batsman, at the crease, at the heart of the action. Put on the Samsung Gear VR Headset and swing your motion-censored cricket bat.

Blending video footage with the interactivity of a game, users are invited to take part in a cricket match using a virtual reality headset and cricket bat. As soon as you put on the headset you are transported onto the cricket pitch at Bourne End, experiencing the same views as the batsmen, bowler and fielders as if you were there in real life.
“We want you to think you are actually the batsman. You look up, you look down, look left and look right. You’re involved. You’re there!” says Graeme Robertson, who directed this virtual reality experience.

At Happy Finish we are very involved in Virtual Reality, which is a viewing experience unlike any other. Whether live action, fully CGI, or a mix of the two, our skilled Artists have the expertise needed to create the most dynamic experiences. We can even introduce interactive elements for users to engage with virtually, and handle your sound requirements including spatial audio. If the project requires CGI, our highly skilled team of Artists can create anything you care to imagine, for the ultimate 360 experience.

For this new project, Cricket VR was filmed using a selection of GoPro cameras secured in a 3D printed rig, which all worked in conjunction with one another alongside a head-mounted rig that that we could actually walk around with in order to see things as they happened.

In addition to that we also used a drone to provide some 360-degree footage of the whole game from the air! Sounds from the day were also added, including commentary to make the person experiencing Cricket VR feel very much as if they were in the English countryside taking part in a real cricket match.

Here at Happy Finish we are absolutely convinced that the future of VR is going to be big, perhaps as big as colour TV or the Internet.