Virtus Energy

  • Laura Rincon
  • Andres Del Risco

From implementing each micro-interaction to the bigger E-commerce functionalities. Creating a pleasant user experience to encourage sales and customer satisfaction.

Virtus Energy came to Foundry Digital for a website refresh wanting a slicker online presence and a smooth journey for new clients. As an already established brand, they knew the content they wanted on their website, it was up to our UX and UI designers to ensure all journeys on the website flowed appropriately to achieve their business goals.

Virtus Energy further wanted to add an E-commerce section to their website, selling a variety of high-end products with a multitude of variations to each product.
Foundry Digital designers created an ideal timeless look for the Virtus Energy website whilst incorporating the existing brand elements. Making existing elements come to life with the new website design, and incorporating their mission and key messaging in a cohesive online space that communicates what Virtus Energy is all about.

The Foundry Digital development team took the design and worked their magic, from implementing each micro-interaction across all pages, to the bigger E-commerce functionalities. Each detail creating a pleasant user experience to encourage sales and customer satisfaction.

Further development included configuring WooCommerce and Salesforce software. Implementation was done on the backend of WordPress, making it accessible and easy to use by the team. WooCommerce was chosen as the most appropriate E-commerce platform to manage its few high-end products with a high number of variations for each.
Virtus Energy were delighted with the outcome across the board. Being upgraded with a timeless design to match their green mission and products, with a seamless user experience and functionality to keep users engaged, and overall provide an excellent service and experience.