VISCOPLAST - Auć! Damy radę!

  • Mateusz Bojanowski

Client: 3M Poland


Consumers nowadays want to have a cup with their favorite quote, shoes by individual design or a leather wallet with initials. The products consumers want today are to be unique and made especially for them.
Consumers want something special.


Each of us remembers the times when one of the friends at the school, university or workplace had a hand in a cast (bandage). Always way more or less decorated with some pictures or slogans (just like on the pictures).

On Facebook and Instagram, you can easily find a lot of photos added with a decorated bandage. Therefore, we recommend that the Viscoplast brand use in its communication precisely this trend / phenomenon - cultures for dressing dressing materials.

In addition, we performed research on the Internet and noticed that consumers are happy to share such photos with their friends, which may indicate that such things have a high virality index.

The idea of ​​brand communication:

We want people who choose Viscoplast patches to personalize their slices, adding, for example, an emoticon or words that will motivate people who apply a Viscoplast patch. Then they published a photo in social media and shared their artistry with friends, additionally winning prizes.