Vision & Legacy at Livesey Exchange

I am a person who, through connection, uses every opportunity to keep reconnecting. With every creative project I take on, either independently or through my studio, it's a mission to understand who I am creating with and for. As a social entrepreneur and a lover of my lens, the best way to harness the need is by being in a space that will enable others and capture all that connected with me. These images, although simple, captured the moment Lee Benjamin and I were taken on a walk through Livesey Exchange, aka LEX2, on Old Kent Road for the second time as part of our process in branding identity development for LEX. Capturing the man we know as Nicholas Okwulu, a true community enabler standing in his vision as it evolves into this local reality. This is all part of his 'Legacy' and the Legacy of the locals and broader Southwark community members. This small collection will contribute to our case study and the legacy of LEX2 as the vision unfolds and we are proud to be curating a brand to bring this place to life.