Visual Merchandising

  • Patience Kibblewhite

Visual & Graphic Designing for Jacquemus For this assignment, I was stasked with producing a 3D window box for a brand of my choice. I chose Jacquemus because I admire fashion houses deconstructed style collections that have been credited to bring a freshness to Paris' fashion scene. My goal throughout this project was to create a piece of visual merchandising that accurately represents Jacqumes as a brand and connects well with its target audience. I wanted to make a visually interesting piece that showcased the soft beauty and elegance of this collection. I have included some of my most favourite slides from my final research folder that demonstrate my creative composition skills as well as my ability to research, understand and replicate a brand's presenting aesthetic(s).

Final Display

Whilst I like the final window display a lot, I feel I may have misinterpreted the simplicity of the brand slightly with the Renaissance style painting proving to be somewhat distracting from the clothing. Despite this, I feel I did find a respectable balance of both eye-catching and authentic to the brand with the websites I created. My favourite aspect if this concept is the clothing hanging from invisible string as though it's floating amongst the angelic figures in the sky.

Website Designing

Creating Mock-ups
Another aspect of this presentation was the focus on online marketing and curating my ideas on Jacquemus into potential website layouts. This was a chance to explore and develop my digital design skills using my key eye for detail and brand research.