Launching the Goodness Revolution

The world is waking up to the fact we’re eating too much meat. The United Nations have said that cutting down on meat is the biggest thing we can do to address climate change. Eating meat is not just affecting our climate, it’s impacting our health & lowering the quality of life for animals too. Vivera was established in Holland in 1990 and is a pioneer of plant-based meat alternatives. The task was to re-position the brand strategically and visually, then re-launch it across Europe to capitalise on this unique time for meat alternatives.

Our starting point was uncovering the brand’s purpose: Vivera believe that life is better when you eat less meat. The strategic break-through was not viewing the brand through the narrow lens of vegan or even vegetarian. Instead the huge opportunity being the people looking to reduce the amount of meat they are eating. Vivera was positioned to help and mobilise these people to make
their change, however small. Whilst making them feel part of a bigger movement, which we called the Goodness Revolution - good taste, good for you & good for the planet.

The brand re-launch started with the logo and the pack. We turned the word Vivera into a rallying cry. A revolutionary stamp. Bold, impactful font on an angle like a megaphone to reflect and amplify Vivera’s message of progress and mobilisation. We made the ‘V’ the symbol for the Goodness Revolution, the peace sign and the category generic for Vegan.

The design rationale: the brand’s new look and feel is modern and vibrant, designed to inject colour into the plant-based space and convey Vivera’s challenger attitude. The design harnesses the power of plants. But plants in disguise (as meat). ‘Camouflaged plants’ is a distinctive, ownable visual shorthand for their Goodness Revolution. The tone of voice is mobilising everyone to make their change in a fun, empowering way that is intrinsically linked to the product. Once the new brand was born, we then translated it across their website, social, digital, activation and OOH.

The brand re-launched on the 23rd September in the UK, so watch this space for results. The re-launch then rolls-out globally in 2020, starting in the Netherlands.

Drop us an email or pop in to find out more about how we rebranded Vivera and then launched them in the UK.