VIVO! Market

Working with Immofinanz and their VIVO! brand, Air have designed a newly innovative and refreshing concept for the region. By prioritising the unique integration of local heritage and modern retail advancements, we’ve created an attractive and multi-purpose F&B space, which combines healthy local deli-style market stalls with cooked foods for speciality shopping and dining experience.

A bespoke modular system comprising of steel frame units with wood infill and counters were designed to provide VIVO! Market with the flexibility to reconfigure throughout the seasons and pop up in other locations. The biophilic designs of high-level planting revitalises the market by breathing tranquillity and beauty into the surrounding atmosphere whilst the high-level lighting provides a warm, light-hearted ambience.

Air’s new logo, graphics and signage effectively personifies the vibrant, contemporary and community-orientated VIVO! brand whilst also allowing the retailer good expression and enabling customers to easily navigate.