• Elisa Frenay

Exhibited at the Royal College of Art Year: 2019 In 1973, at a time when the dictator Pinochet had just assumed power in Chile, thousands of political prisoners were killed and many were secretly buried in the 1000km-long Atacama Desert, leaving countless relatives wondering where their loved ones might be. Voces (meaning 'voices' in Spanish) is an immersive installation that invites you in the heterotopic world of the Atacama Desert, and depicts the true story of Victoria, a Chilean woman searching for her brother, disappeared and buried in the desert during the dictatorship.Through set design, sound and moving image, her visions and altered perceptions of the location, triggered by its aridity throughout her search, are used as a metaphor to visualise and put light on Chile's tragic history, at the time. Voces was exhibited in July 2019 at the Royal College of Art Degree Show. For more information, visit: https://elisafrenay.com/ TECHNOLOGY 3D, Projection Mapping COLLABORATORS Voice Over by Victoria Saavedra González, Claudia Soler Bernardini Script by Victoria Saavedra González Sound Editing by Alexia Charoud Translation by Rocio Alvarez Additional Information by Yali Moreno Gutierre