Volkswagen: Creating an inspirational identity for a critical internal business unit within Volkswagen

As a new business unit within Volkswagen Group in the UK, Group Commercial Services wanted to create a stronger identity so their people could better explain and promote the value that they add. Insight As a new department Group Commercial Services was suffering from low awareness across the wider business and those who were aware of the department perceived it as stuffy and unengaging. GCS exists to ensure that Volkswagen Group’s brands achieve improved efficiency and effectiveness, which at face value can seem dry. However when you dug deeper to find the true motivations and ambitions of the people who worked in the department there was a shared ambition to deliver tangible value by working smarter, together – not dry at all. Ideas We brought to life the spirit and ambition of the business by summing it up in the simple idea of ‘create more’ a compelling endorsement of the powerful and practical results delivered every day to delight Volkswagen’s customers. We helped to deliver this idea through an immersive team day that really brought to life the spirit and ambition of the group. The event received overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees and their support for our branding work was critical. Impact Simple illustrations and inspirational, fun imagery run through the visual identity to convey the energy, flexibility and sense of playfulness of the team and encouraging everyone at Volkswagen group to ‘think greater, inspire better, do smarter’. Within two short months rbl had created a bold new visual identity for Group Commercial Services and landed this with the leadership team and the wider employee population through induction events, environmental graphics and an internal launch campaign.

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