Volunteering / Freelance Creative

  • Tracy Broad

"Tracy Broad volunteered with us at the first National Festival of Making in May and I couldn't recommend her more highly. She displayed real determination to get involved in the festival, paying for her own accommodation over the weekend and staying on until the very end. Tracy excelled as assistant to our artists, helping to deliver hands-on making workshops in ceramics and plastics. The artists all agreed that her practical and passionate nature marked her out as the festival's 'star volunteer' whilst her work interacting with the public and getting stuck into the more physical work was invaluable. It is incredibly important to the success of our festival to work with skilled people like Tracy and we're incredibly grateful for her help - Elena Gifford, director of the National Festival of Making” Manchester born Designer-Creates Objects to Use Admire & Swoon Over. Sketcher, Model-maker & Producer. Collaborates with skilled Artists & Manufacturers