Volvic Online Advert

Whilst working as a junior copywriter at Kameleon Worldwide for four months one of the briefs I tackled was for their client Volvic.

Alongside a junior art director we wrote a piece of online video content to bridge together the end of the ‘Volcanicity’ campaign and the start of the ‘Unstoppable’ campaign.

Volvic wanted to include YouTube famous Oli White and Marcus Butler and wanted the video to find a balance between fun and inspiring yet gritty.

Idea: A triathlon is a widely acknowledged feat of endurance. To inject a fun element into the three standard elements of a triathlon turn from swimming, cycling and running into water zorbing, cyclecross and a bungee run.

Execution: Marcus Butler and Oli White compete in an unconventional triathlon: a ‘Volcathlon’. They race against each other to earn the prized title of “Unstoppable”.
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