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  • Nick Bell
  • Toby Wilkinson

Made possible by ASK US FOR IDEAS.

Earlier this year a new but ambitious brand looking to "super-charge communities with autonomous vehicles" came to ASK US FOR IDEAS with a brief to re-imagine their identity and a desire to source a small, boutique agency happy to collaborate closely with their in-house Creative Director, Luke Beard.
Voyage was looking for a high calibre team who got the Automotive and AI world better than anyone. Using our in depth knowledge of the West Coast agency landscape we shortlisted four creative agency options who ticked all the required boxes.
After a smooth and guided search process, they selected the inimitable Airlift with unparallelled experience in the automotive and technology sectors.
Their new visual identity has been rolled out on their website as well as their operational fleet of autonomous taxis in Florida and California, and we LOVE it.
Luke Beard, Creative Director.
“As a start-up aiming to disrupt in the hyper competitive Autonomous Driving landscape, aligning ourselves with best-in-class creative partners to help shape our brand and the way we’re perceived and differentiated by our consumers is absolutely key. 
AUFI offered so much more value than just an agency connection - They listened carefully and crafted a shortlist we’d never have found ourselves, aligning our chemistries perfectly while maintaining a lens of taste and style that was key. 
As an early phase business being smart with the money we’d had invested in us was of paramount importance and AUFI guaranteed that, removing risk and making sure we got the best value out of our creative partnerships. I cannot recommend their service enough and hope to work with them again in the future.”
Patrick Corrigan, Founder and Head of Creative. Airlift.
"Working with Voyage was a tremendous opportunity. The entire team had a phenomenal creative alignment from the get-go and was one of the best client's Airlift has worked with to date. 
Throughout every step of our creative process, we seamlessly had a collaborative environment, honest communication, and philosophical alignment. Voyage did a wonderful job of giving crucial feedback when needed but also allowed our team to investigate opportunities independently.   
We enjoyed working with the entire team and would do so again."
Patrick Corrigan, Founder and Head of Creative. Airlift.
We really love working with AUFI. Their level of consideration to bring the right creative partners together to meet the client's needs is uncanny. We're always extremely excited when they reach out as the engagement is always the right match from the get-go. They are a close partner of Airlift and always do their best to champion us throughout every engagement.