Vulnerability, Uncertainty and Creativity

Art review and trailer of the multidisciplinary work in progress workshop embracing the theme ‘I Have a Dream’ , conducted by the internationally acclaimed Brazilian director Renato Rocha.
Bakelit Multi-Art Center - Budapest, Hungary.

Amazingly, not only our creative endeavors and our perceptions of life were merging – we also relinquished ourselves as separate entities for the sake of group feeling.
As fortunate as it is, there was not much preface to what we should expect from the workshop. Renato Rocha employed the “I Have a Dream” theme, directly referring to the Martin Luther King’s speech, thus already connecting us all to the universal idea of the struggle for dreams.
What we knew before the workshop as well is that he expects us to be from various artistic backgrounds, to create a “multidisciplinary” workshop. At this point, not enough to get the idea, right?
Before we embarked on the creative process, and started tasting his philosophy around this project, we told him about our own – one by one, in a cozy circle, we told each other about ourselves:  what is our lifeblood, what are we connected to, and what are we struggling with and for.
Actually, these were not the criteria that he asked us to follow – all this patterns turned out from our stories; and in the end we found out that however different we all are – there can always be something interconnected. And that is when the ground was set.
Different participants from 5 different countries – artists with experiences ranging from contemporary choreography and drama all the way to poetry, opera singing and instrumental music playing – this is how we saw ourselves at the beginning. With our own different struggles.
However different we are and what we do, as Renato would say, the ways we relate to art are still universal for human-beings. As well as the social struggles we experience. We started to feel the connections.
Masterfully cherry-picked the ideas from our speeches, be it the fear of future or uncertainties, or the concern over being constantly under control, Renato’s approach was to take all our unique perceptions of life – and expose them artistically via various art forms, that we as artists-participants are experienced with.
And here the greatest experimental alchemy started to occur. The bittersweet symphony of life performed by the art-forms that we and Renato were conducting – with the cooperative spirit and emotional synergy.
Amazingly, not only our creative endeavors and our perceptions of life were merging – we also relinquished ourselves as separate entities for the sake of group feeling. To work altogether sharing the same idea.
With the help of Renato – to create the atmosphere free from the oppression of space and time, while experimenting with the realities of our own. To achieve that emotional and creative unity, Renato also created various exercises for us to open up.
Exploring and grasping the concept of vulnerability, he provoked us by pushing the boundaries of what we are already familiar with and what we’re used to – in relation to art. All for the sake of creativity – to understand how we all are interrelated, how art forms can be combined, and how there are always myriads of possibilities to combine the art forms and the ways we can relate ourselves to art as well.
The final brain-child of our creative and emotional synergy – is the embodiment of his remarkable philosophy of “multidisciplinarity”.
Through the creative process, carving his ways in the search of pure essence, exploring the universal human sensations and our unique perceptions of life and art, he also served as a guide for us: – help us understand ourselves in our pursuit of dreams – show how art can open us up after the life-long oppression by the society – and allow us to understand the multiplicity of choices and possibilities we always have. And most importantly, to help us find the ways to fulfill the utmost desire of human beings – for our dreams to come true.
Very inspirational workshop “I Have a Dream” with the extraordinary Renato Rocha.
Thank you for this experience.

Team Credits

Nikita Khellat

  • Writer, Videographer, Actor


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    Bakelit Multi-Art Center


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    Nikita Khellat
    Writer, Videographer, Actor