Wagamama Takeout Experience

Famed for pioneering the casual dining experience and bringing fresh, fast-paced Japanese cuisine to western high streets, enormously successful restaurant chain Wagamama looked to us to apply similarly disruptive design thinking to their takeout offering.

Our Strategy and Design studios reimagined the full Wagamama takeaway experience, better connecting the customer experience at home to the excitement, taste and aesthetic value that can be found in the Wagamama restaurants. The entire experience – from the food preparation and delivery system, to structural packaging design – now directly connects to the brand idea of ‘sharing positively from bowl to soul’.

Materials choice and form contribute to a system that performs functionally, improving heat retention and maximising freshness and presentation of every meal. The various inserts provide the functional benefit of maintaining the integrity of different elements of the dish, whist also providing a well-presented meal on opening the lid. Each bowl is delivered as a complete package, wrapped with a belly-band that lists the full Wagamama menu – so that the enclosed order can be indicated – and provides a considered place for the chopsticks

In the absence of staff, the design tells the Wagamama story and reflects the care and consideration that goes into every bowl of food.